A truly unique offering

Komet™ Amplification is proud to announce our very first pedal: the Komet OverDrive Amplifier, or K.O.D.A. — a massive sounding pedal with a stunning feature-set to boot. The K.O.D.A. is a remarkably tunable pedal that offers an exceptionally amp-like overdrive structure with amazing gain-staging flexibility in 3 different circuit positions.

The K.O.D.A. is unique in the pedal world in that it represents a full-featured amp-in-a-box, consisting of a discrete preamp, active tone control section, and a unique switchable power-amp output stage. It can be operated with the output stage switched on or off, giving players very different tone and response characteristics — a new level of versatility not found in other “amp-like” pedals. A three position hi-cut switch allows users to fine tune K.O.D.A.’s treble content to their amplifier.

Sonny Landreth K.O.D.A. demo

Play KODA video

Play KODA Demo video

The Master
Overdrive Pedal.

K.O.D.A. offers players a myriad of sounds. The gain staging can be controlled anywhere in the circuit, allowing for anything from a fat clean boost, to edge-of-breakup overdrive, to searing high gain distortion. K.O.D.A.’s natural response is exceptionally full of rich harmonics, yet the unique characteristics of your favorite instrument is never masked. It has a remarkable amp-like feel and response, and reacts well to changes in picking dynamics and guitar volume.

Play KODA Clean to Crunch demo video

Unparalleled tunability.

-- DRIVE determines how hard the guitar signal hits the preamp section
-- GAIN determines the amount of harmonic distortion created in the preamp

-- TREBLE and BASS are active tone controls that can both cut and boost frequencies

-- LEVEL governs the amount of signal generated by the output stage, when engaged
-- VOLUME adjusts the K.O.D.A.'s total output level

Available Now !

$249.99 U.S.

A PDF version of the K.O.D.A. Owner's Manual can be found below

“I want an amp to be fast and dynamic. I want to hear the note with multiple layers of harmonic complexity, giving a fat, euphonic, and lyrical tone. ...My goal is to make amps that make the soundtrack to people’s lives.”

‐ Ken Fischer, Trainwreck Circuits

Komet shares Ken Fischer’s ideal of what constitutes a great guitar amplifier. All Komet™ designs that followed the Komet 60 are based on what we have gleaned from Ken Fischer’s mentorship. Sadly, Ken Fischer passed in December of 2006. We miss his guidance, friendship and humor, and we are honored to be part of the Trainwreck lineage.

The Komet Spirit