Aero 33

This new model is supremely touch responsive and beautifully musical in its sonic qualities. As with all Komet amplifiers, the Aero 33 feels as if it were wired to your finger tips - but this new design takes it to an entirely new level. It takes off with searing harmonics which are accentuated as you dig in.


This is the highly anticipated post production model of the Limited Edition 50 Watt amplifier. The Concorde incorporates the exact electronic features, components and circuit of the Limited Edition. Our newly fashioned head box cosmetically separates the Concorde from its predecessor. Traditional Trainwreck principles are followed in the design and construction.

Komet 19

The 19 is a touch sensitive and versatile amplifier. It is designed for practically any guitar playing style, whether using single coil or humbucking pickups. This little amplifier can cover a multitude of tonal ranges - from shimmering cleans and chime, to searing high gain lead crunch tones, all controllable from your guitar's volume knob. Also available in 3 different combo configurations.

Komet 29

More Muscle - The Komet 29 picks up where the Komet 19 leaves off. Essentially the same tonal circuit and signature, but with four EL84/6BQ5 power tubes instead of two, and much bigger iron. Contained in the same small package as the Komet 19, the Komet 29 packs significantly more bottom end, higher headroom, and a larger sound stage. Also available in 3 different combo configurations.

Komet 60

Our first amplifier and our flagship model. Sleek and streamlined. In many ways - the ultimate tonal chameleon. Designed by Ken Fischer in 1999. This multifaceted amplifier has the ability to operate on several different tube types. Each tube selection allows the player to travel into a different tonal universe. Also available in the Komet 60 HD configuration.

Songwriter 30

The Songwriter 30 was one of the last Trainwreck® amplifier designs that was built by the legendary Kenneth Fischer. Due to his failing health, Ken was only able to build two of these magnificent hand wired amplifiers. Komet Amplification has been awarded the license by Trainwreck® to recreate the Songwriter 30 in exacting detail to the original. Also available in the Songwriter 30 Tremolo configuration.